Whatsapp it is evolving rapidly and is on the verge of becoming more than just an instant messaging platform. The role of the service will be even more central in Facebook’s strategyand it is for this reason that the group has long since begun to devote more and more attention to it to make the application more complete and pleasant to use; the next novelty from this point of view could be new interface colors , which users can decide to change to give the app a look more appropriate to your tastes.

The news was briefly described on Twitter by WABetaInfo, the community of users who have regular access to drafts of the app. In the twitter reporting the news, it is simply stated that “WhatsApp is developing a function that allows you to change certain colors in the app”, adding however that specific news in this regard has not yet emerged . The scarcity of information suggests that the news may not be around the corner; on the other hand, the blog reports almost always accurate rumors.

The present situation

For the moment, it is already possible to change the background in conversations using solid colors or images, but the GUI palette remains unchanged from the chromatic point of view, divided only in the version dedicated to the theme of light and in shades designed for the dark theme. On the other hand, unofficial versions of the application such as WhatsApp GB they allow you to modify elements such as chat headers and icons by changing their dominant color as you wish.

The compromise

This latest approach is probably a far cry from what WhatsApp managers have in mind – which probably won’t allow users to stray too far from the typical green color of the messaging platform. However, developers can have a middle in jobs , with some main elements set in green and others editable by giving them similar colors and shades to those made available for solid color backgrounds.

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