Today Meghan Markle turns 40. The story of Cinderella, however, did not work the way it usually happens in fairy tales. And although the happy ending for two Megan and Prince Harry still won back, many are clearly unhappy with their union. Perhaps there was not yet a woman in the royal family who would have been persecuted in the press as strongly (perhaps, the pressure of this level was experienced only by another American – Wallis Simpson, the very woman for whom Edward VIII renounced the throne). We tell about all the most high-profile scandals around Megan.

Racism in the royal family

Perhaps, almost the only scandal that Megan did not start. After it became known that he and Harry were getting married, they began to persecute her on the web for her skin color. The palace even had to come forward with a request to stop racist attacks. And after, at the first dinner of Markle with the royal family, where the blue-blooded relatives were invited, the Princess of Kent put on a brooch depicting an African-American in a turban. Megan, of course, was offended. True, this ethical dispute was still won by the princess: Megan was accused of ignorance, because the jewelry was not at all a slave from the plantations, but a Venetian Moor. 

Royal dress code

During the wedding rehearsal, Megan and Kate Middleton had a fight over tights. Megan wanted the bride’s little assistants (including Princess Charlotte) not to wear pantyhose because of the heat, but Kate was strongly against it (since this violated royal protocol). “Megan brought Kate to tears,” – said the insider.

Markle still insisted on her own. Her assistants appeared at the ceremony without tights. And the relationship with Kate never improved. 

Trampled wedding traditions

By tradition, all members of the royal family should be married in the outfits of British designers. But Meghan opted for a dress from the French house Givenchy, headed by Claire Waite Keller. Megan was saved only by the fact that Claire is a British-born. But the crown was less fortunate. The bride wanted to get married in a tiara with huge emeralds and diamonds, but the queen from the master’s shoulder granted her only a tiara with some “small” diamonds. This, of course, did not suit Megan, but Elizabeth II still insisted on her own. 

Despotic mistress

On the web, they are sure that Megan’s character is not easy. All the servants are running from her, sparkling with their heels. While Markle lived in the UK, three of her assistants and a bodyguard quit. The Times published excerpts from a letter from Jason Knauf, who worked as a Sussex press secretary, and complained that the Duchess had kicked out two employees and “undermined the credibility” of another. The letter also quotes Samantha Krautters, who was in charge of staffing the palace. According to sources for the Times, the Duchess constantly bullied employees, brought them to tears and humiliated them. 

Public conflict with father 

Megan crossed the road to several of her relatives at once, marrying a prince. The first was the father, whom Megan did not invite to the wedding, explaining that he was ill. The father did not remain silent and said that he was simply not invited. And then he sold his daughter’s letters to the tabloids, from which it becomes clear that he is forbidden to see his grandchildren. 

The 80-year-old uncle of the Duchess also did not lag behind: he called Megan ungrateful. “I don’t understand her and how she treats her family. I don’t like this at all. I have done more for her than others … Perhaps I have done more for her than anyone else, and now this ungrateful girl is not even interested in my health. “

With good intentions

No sooner had Megan Markle published a children’s book than a storm of criticism immediately rained down at her. Many netizens were unhappy with the chosen topic: how can the Duchess of Sussex write about paternity when she has not been in touch with her own father for three years?

Escape from the royal family

Perhaps this is the loudest scandal that will definitely go down in history. Meghan and Harry left the royal family: in March 2020, they renounced royal duties, lost the right to the title “Their Royal Highnesses” (although they retained the titles of Duchess and Duke of Sussex), can no longer use the Sussexroyal brand and have ceased to represent the family on official events. They did all this for the sake of gaining financial independence. However, after Megsit, the couple stopped receiving money from the palace budget, in addition, they pledged to pay the court £ 2.4 million for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, where they lived after the wedding. By the way, during the year Harry had the right to change his mind and return to the nest, but it seems that the prince made his choice in favor of a wife and a measured lifestyle. 

Oprah’s scandalous interview

After a conversation with Oprah Winfrey, a real commotion began in the palace. Meghan accused the royal family of racism. “There was concern and talk about how dark his skin might be when he was born,” Meghan said, commenting on discussions about her pregnancy.

Meghan also said that the British dynasty refused to give her son a birth title: “While I was pregnant, the royal family said they wanted to change the Archie agreement and not give him the title. Without the title, Archie would have lost his right to protection and safety. They have no right to take it. And yet they did it. ” 

You can love or hate Megan, blame her for the collapse of the British royal family and call her a snake warmed up on her chest, but one thing remains unchanged – she will definitely be remembered as a girl who was not afraid to go against centuries-old traditions and rules and turn everything to her advantage.

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