The royal heir, despite his age, is already setting fashion trends.

The eldest son of Kate Middleton and Prince William was among the leaders of the fashion rating. Eight-year-old George took third place behind Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

The study was conducted by The Sole Supplier. Marketers found out which of the celebrities went out in the rubber shoes of the Australian brand Crocs, which provoked a sharp rise in demand for them.

It turned out that after the appearance of two-year-old George back in 2015 at one of the matches in the polo club, millions of parents around the world began to buy such shoes for their heirs. As a result, the demand for Crocs increased by 809%!

The Duchess of Cambridge herself was included in the rating. Even as a 25-year-old, Kate loved walking in these shoes, and today the demand for it is 456%.

However, even these figures do not go to any comparison with the result of the exit in Nicki Minaj’s Crocs. She tried on a copy for one of the erotic photo shoots. As a result, interest in shoes increased by 4900%. The second place in the ranking belongs to Justin Bieber, who advertised this brand. Writes about it People.

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