Russian athlete Vitalina Batsarashkina, after returning from Tokyo, was greeted in her native Omsk with a song about a minted coin from the Netflix series The Witcher. It was performed by the city folk choir.

Vitalina brought two gold medals and one silver medal from the Summer Olympics, which she won in air pistol shooting competitions. 
At the performances, she appeared with the Cat school medallion, which she has been wearing for several years.
Batsarashkina previously repeatedly confessed her love for The Witcher, and the creators of the game and her fans reciprocated her.

Vitalina first “advertised” her favorite game at the 2016 Olympics. In Rio, she won a silver medal in bullet shooting, while the girl was wearing a medallion with the symbols of the game. Batsarashkina bought it long ago in Izhevsk and puts it on at all competitions.

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