One of the most famous actresses of our time, Jennifer Lawrence, gave a long interview ahead of the release of Adam McKay’s comedy Don’t Look Up.

The actress played one of the main roles, sharing the stage with the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio. This satirical comedy will tell about the reaction of the modern world to the urgent problem of extinction.

In a recent interview, Lawrence, in addition to talking about the film, also touched on private life. She noted that she did not want to discuss her pregnancy in public. If at a party someone comes up to her and says: “Oh my god! You’re pregnant! ”- Jennifer will most likely ask him to move away.

“With every cell of my body, I feel the need to protect the privacy of my children to the end of their days with all my might. And the first step in that direction is not to introduce them to this part of my job, ”Lawrence said of the parties in an interview with Vanity Fair .

At the moment, the actress is enjoying her marriage to Cooke Maroni. Before filming McKay’s film, the actress took a sabbatical due to burnout.

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