Amazon has unveiled the first full trailer for Cinderella’s film music adaptation featuring Billy Porter’s fairy godmother.

The trailer demonstrates how Camila Cabeio (Cinderella) goes to her dream – she does not need a prince at all, but her own business, she sees herself in the role of a fashion designer, and her stepmother and evil sisters interfere with her in every possible way. All this is set off by dance, song and magic.

The gender-neutral fairy godmother dresses up Cinderella for the ball in the costume of a business woman, but she still comes to a social event in a fluffy light dress. True, it pales against the background of the outrageous fairy outfit. The dance with the prince took place, but the modern Cinderella does not want to be in the shadow of a star man at all. The new reading, an ode to feminism, has garnered warm approval from viewers on YouTube.

“It’s the perfect balance of romance and comedy. Camila and the cast are great, I know it will be awesome. ” we also want independence – both financial and emotional! There can be no fairy tale if the character does not achieve his goals as a person “,” I will not lie, this story about the designer Cinderella and her choice between a man and her career is quite unexpected, “users share.

Recall that in addition to Cabeio and Porter, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Golitsyn and Pierce Brosnan play in the musical. The film will be released on Amazon Stream on September 3.

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