The tragedy happened on October 22, but only now Alec Baldwin is finally ripe to speak frankly about the death of Galina Hutchins and about everything that preceded the drama on the set.

In the first video interview in a long time, Baldwin again said that he had been slipped a live round instead of a blank, and also unexpectedly stated that he had not pulled the trigger.

“The trigger was not released, I did not pull the trigger. I would never point a gun at anyone or pull the trigger. Someone inserted a combat bullet into the weapon, which should not have been on the site, “Alec said in an interview with ABC , not holding back sobs.

Public opinion on Baldwin’s remarks was fundamentally divided. Some say that Alec simply did not follow safety precautions, while others defend the famous actor.

“Excuses began. And he is crying as if pretending! ”,“ Obviously, this is just an accident, and it makes no sense for him to lie about it ”,“ He was clearly set up. Just like that, such a horror would not have happened, ”they write on the Web.

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