Nobody would say that Nuria Roca is already close to half a century. At only two of the 50, the television presenter is one of those beautiful, friendly and attractive women in equal measure that shows that youth depends more on attitude than on anything else. Besides, she knows better than anyone how to wear fashion trends. We have all the evidence.

The writer, presenter and actress Nuria Roca turns 48 and she does so at an unbeatable professional and personal moment. Like Tamara Falcó – who knows little by little to collaborate only in a television program -, she is not only a socialite in El Hormiguero , she has a play with Antonia San Juan and we will see her shortly in the new Antena 3 program , Family Feud .

The one who became famous by presenting the nice animal program Waku Waku in the late 90s, is still as attractive as that girl who caught the attention of Chicho Ibañez Serrador . then. Married to Juan del Val for 21 years, they have lived a love story ever since and have three children.

Nuria Roca and her husband Juan del Val
Nuria Roca and her husband Juan del ValErea Azurmendi

Active on social networks like the most, we have tracked her best photos and showed that Nuria saves on her Instagram all the fashion trends of the first just released : from the jumpsuit, through the metallic, the romantic dresses and the flower print . None are left in the inkwell. It is already seen that in addition to success in the profession and love, it is also possible to score a point in the ranking of the most put in the fashion world.


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