Martina Higgins revealed the true face of pretty Anna Kournikova. At one time, the whole world was delighted with the beauty and charm of the young tennis player. Poems and songs were dedicated to Kournikova, and crowds of fans followed her around the world.

In fact, Kournikova turned out to be not so simple as it seems. Once Anna almost got into a fight with Martina because of the title. At first, Higgins managed to bring Kournikova to tears, but later she took revenge on her colleague by throwing a crystal vase into her.

“Everything was so scary that I thought they would kill each other,” quotes the organizer of that tournament, Sports .

Now Kournikova no longer speaks and prefers not to talk about her career, but the audience remembers Anna’s achievements very well and hopes that one day another star of the same kind will appear.

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