Anna Mikhalkova is the daughter of the famous director Nikita Mikhalkov.

The actress starred in a huge number of films, won in the nominations of Golden Eagle, Nicky, Kinotavr.

Detractors believe that Mikhalkova’s success became possible only thanks to her famous father. However, according to film critic Alexander Shpagin, Anna is a very good actress.

“Probably, at the first stage, her father’s connections helped her, like all the offspring of famous families. In her first role with director Balayan Mikhalkov, by the way, she did not fit the type – she was not beautiful enough for the heroine. Then she already looked like a kind of matron. But then Mikhalkova managed to get into her social type, ”he said.

Shpagin noted that today in Russia there are a huge number of good actresses, but they are not as memorable as Mikhalkova.

“The actresses are similar to each other, like photos from Cosmopolitan magazine. Few memorable faces: all thin, all beautiful. Anna Mikhalkova stands out sharply among them. After all, she is not very beautiful, not very thin. The face of an average, ordinary townswoman. And it helps her. Her roles are based not on appearance, but on character. And all her movie awards are well deserved,” Alexander Shpagin told News.

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