Kate Middleton Prince William

Nine-year-old Prince George and seven-year-old Princess Charlotte study at an elite educational institution. But despite this, while they are there, they are forced to forget about their royal status. Classmates perceive them completely differently – children do without formalities.

The heirs of Kate Middleton and Prince William will go to a new school this year – Lambrook School, which is located in Windsor. Education there costs 8500 thousand dollars a year (about 500 thousand rubles). They will share desks, as royal representatives are supposed to, with the most diligent students – the most severe selection is taking place in the educational institution.

It is assumed that the grandchildren of Elizabeth II should be addressed as “His Royal Highness Prince George” and “Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte”. However, children prefer to call them simply by their first names: George and Charlotte. The same fate awaits the third child of Kate Middleton and Prince William Louis, according to Grazia.

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