Bipolar rapper Kanye West, after divorcing his wife Kim Kardashian and threatening her new boyfriend, lost the opportunity to perform at the largest music festival Coachella. The wild antics of the artist, it seems, can only be tolerated by his faithful colleagues and friends.

So, Kanye appeared in the new video of rapper Future for the song Keep It Burnin. The composition was included in the new ninth studio release of the musician called I Never Liked You.

Listeners could see this track in West’s Donda 2 album. But the artist deleted this song the day after the release of the record without explanation.

Now, in the minimalistic video for Keep It Burnin, Kanye West appears wearing a mask with no eyes and a sewn-up mouth, more like a sack. Fans can only guess if the rapper has completely gone off the rails or if another trick is only attracting attention.

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