Johnny Depp again behaved nobly, despite all the humiliation that he had to endure during his family life and the trial.

After the verdict was announced, Amber Heard’s mood deteriorated noticeably, not only because of the defeat of her ex-husband. It turned out that the actress had serious financial problems and she was unable to pay the due fine and compensation. We’ll have to mortgage the house and sell the car, or even slide into bankruptcy.

The actress has repeatedly stated that she does not intend to give up and is going to file an appeal , but even experienced experts do not believe in the success of the company .

However, Johnny is not in vain so much loved by the fans. He behaves nobly not only under the guise of brave heroes, Depp can do beautiful things in real life.

“Obviously, we cannot disclose the details of the interaction between a lawyer and a client, but, as Mr. Depp argued in court, this case was never a matter of money. It was a matter of restoring reputation. And he did it, ”said the actor’s lawyer on Good Morning America .

Representatives of Johnny Depp are sure that the actor is ready to forget about money if the ex-wife refuses to appeal and again spoil the nerves of the Pirates of the Caribbean star, reports the Telegram channel

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