The most popular director Christopher Nolan is finally “ripe” for the announcement of his new film. Nolan’s heroes flew into space, fought on the fields of World War II, rewound time back and did incredible tricks, but now the creator wants to tell about the atomic bomb.

The so far unnamed project will focus on the creator of the atomic bomb Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project, the result of which was the birth of the deadliest weapon in history.

Historical cinema will receive an epic scale comparable to “Dunkirk” – sources do not name other details, but clarify that one of the main roles may be invited to Cillian Murphy, who has repeatedly appeared in the films of the genius director.

Moreover, for the sake of filming his “bomb” Christopher Nolan plans to change the studio – for the first time in 20 years, the director began negotiations about filming not only with Warner Bros, but with several large companies at once. It is worth recalling that the “black cat” ran between Nolan and the Warners late last year when the filmmaker called HBO Max the worst streaming service.

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