Fyodor Bondarchuk and his wife Paulina Andreeva started working on a series that will reveal the ins and outs of the acting profession. In the show, “Actresses” promise to show “how the one who was everything yesterday becomes nobody tomorrow.” Critic Valery Kichin believes that such a topic is acute enough to harm the entire world of cinema.

“I hope that inner tact will allow him (Bondarchuk. — Approx. ed.) to refrain from savoring the details of dirty laundry, sorting out intimate details, destroying the reputation of one of the actresses. That’s why the cinema is surrounded by some kind of halo of magic, because there is a mystery in it. If this secret is revealed, then cinema will cease to exist, ”said the film critic in an interview with PopCornNews.

Kichin stressed that Bondarchuk is “an absolute master.” However, viewers will not see on the screen everything that the creators promised initially.

“Nobody has been able to reproduce everything that has been announced yet. Because during the work there are some new ideas, new twists. This is creativity. Some of the announced will not take place, ”concluded the expert.

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