The family of showman Alexander Revva still lives in Russia and is not going to leave anywhere, contrary to the words of video blogger Alena Zhigalova.

Rumors about the move are fiction, and Zhigalova will have problems if she continues to spread false information, the artist’s wife Angelica Revva warned.

“This is private information. I don’t want to comment. I didn’t run away. Explaining where I am, I do not consider it inappropriate. Nobody left the country… Maybe Alena Zhigalova knows more about my family than I do. She will receive a subpoena if she behaves like this, ”Angelica emphasized in an interview with.

Earlier, Zhigalova shared an “exclusive” and said that the artist’s family allegedly moved to Spain, after which they lost property and money. According to the blogger, Revva’s accounts in Russia were blocked, and all real estate was taken away.

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