After the wedding of Guf and Yulia Koroleva, who is now Dolmatova, the ex-wife of rapper Aiza decided that it was time to abandon this surname and came up with a new one.

Photo: @aizalovesam

Now she has a double name and a short surname: Aiza-Liluna Ai. “Many people call me Ai, shortening my name. Aiza in translation is “like the moon”, Ay is translated from Turkic languages ​​as “moon”. Ai is Japanese for “love”. Yes, it all looks stupid, and I’m ashamed of myself. But that’s not the worst thing I’ve done in my life. I live in a new way, getting rid of the past, resentment, pain, love, only memories remain. My parents and children like my name. We chose it together, ”the TV presenter told Super.

Note that earlier Isa already said that she intends to change her surname, as she “does not want to share it with freaks.” The star does not want to return to her maiden name, so as not to “disgrace relatives.” 

Aiza and Guf. Photo: @aizalovesam

Recall that Aiza married Guf in 2008, but already in 2013 their marriage broke up. They have a son, Sam. Now the rapper is married to blogger and businesswoman  Yulia Koroleva , and Aiza recently  broke up  with musician Oleg Miami. After Guf, she was married to Dmitry Anokhin, they have a common child, four-year-old Elvis.

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