The claim that New World looks like an MMO might sound a bit outdated, but there’s a lot behind it. During this Closed Beta period, New World’s gameplay has been addicting and social, straightforward where it needs to be, yet with enough complexity to keep you engaged, and surprisingly well polished.

Grinding for around level 40 in the closed beta, I’ll leave it at that for now. Going deeper into the beta seems a bit silly, considering that all progress is reset for the game’s full release in late August. However, that has been a pretty difficult thing to do – all I want to do is keep playing.

I ran with a Hatchet and Bow build, mainly because I was sick of running around, and both guns give you a bit more speed. To see. It’s an MMO. Running from one quest location to another is only part of the experience.

The weapons are powerful and the combat is fluid. There’s plenty of room to customize your build with different mastery for weapons, a completely classless system (so you don’t feel like you have to adopt just one playstyle), and lots of gem crafting and customization. more complex that add to the personality of your construction.

While PVP and PVE are pretty fun, and the way the faction and territory system makes the world come alive and evolve, like you’re really playing a part in what’s going on around you, it’s really the thing. New World freedom that is so appealing.

If you want to spend 20 hours chopping down trees, mining ore, and generally being a craftsman… you can. You will still receive rewards from your faction. Your time always seems precious, even if you are not defeating enemies or preparing Expedition after Expedition.

Despite my gaming addiction, New World will need to do something special with its Roadmap content to keep players engaged. There will always be people playing New World, it’s just that kind of game, but to maintain a larger player base, consistent content updates and world events are just the expected norm now. .

No official roadmap has yet been released for the game, although the developers have already spoken at length about their plans for the game, including the introduction of mounts, more crafting, more items… and more. microtransactions.

Don’t worry too much about microtransactions. At least not yet. For a base price of around $ 40, New World is a steal. However, to maintain a live content service, these developers have to make their money somewhere, so eventually microtransactions will be present. Hopefully, this will only be for cosmetics, and not for items that offer in-game upgrades, like crafting acceleration or weapon upgrades.

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