The heirs of Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and other eminent comic book authors who want to fully return the rights to their superheroes have rolled out claims to Marvel. Marvel’s response “killed” – the company prepared five lawsuits at once.

If the lawsuits fail, and the comic book families get their way, then Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye and a few other lesser characters could leave the MCU for good, but Marvel has a trick up its sleeve.

Through the Marvel Method, the company already retained the rights to the Ghost Rider in 2013. To apply the method now, the publisher will need to prove that Spider, Strange and other popular heroes were created by comic book authors in collaboration with Marvel under a contract.

In the event that the venture fails, the new “Avengers”, as well as a bunch of future Marvel films, will be at risk. For example, Marvel will lose the rights to Spider-Man from June 2023, writes The Hollywood Reporter .

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