Boris Moiseev survived two strokes, in addition, according to rumors, his facial muscles were paralyzed. In 2015, the artist announced his retirement and since then has been leading a non-public lifestyle. He is rarely seen, not only at social events, but also in the company of close friends.

Designer Olesya Kaznacheeva, who worked on Moiseev’s outfits, said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper that his health was undermined by plastic surgery. The 67-year-old singer, she said, often lay down on the surgical table, which provoked heart disease.

contacted one of the best neurologists in Moscow, Olga Machevskaya. According to her, plastic surgery cannot lead to such consequences.

“Of course, with age, there are more problems, the risk group rises. But if at 60 there are no vascular problems, blood problems, then everything will be fine. A stroke may occur at the age of 30, if there are any pathologies and the person does not know about them, or somatic diseases, ”Machevskaya explained in an interview with our publication.

Relatives of the artist are sure that unhealthy diet and lifestyle have become key factors in Moiseev’s health problems.

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