Netflix has shared the trailer for a new series from the creators of ‘The Money Heist  titled, ‘Red Sky’.

The new Netflix series is a chaotic Thriller coloring in French in a style that the creators call “Latin Paste”. The trailer opens by showing the wild nightlife that might be considered a paradise for some, but is a prison for the women who volunteer their services.

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The next show shows a strong resemblance to “The Money Heist” . Both are action-packed Spanish crime dramas, as well as directed by the same team.

While “The Money Heist” shows a group of skilled and experienced criminals, the “Red Sky” women seem to be newbies. ‘Red Sky’ You will also explore some deep issues such as the negative perception of sex work.

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The series synopsis describes ‘ Red Sky ‘ as a police action drama that follows three coral prostitutes , Wendy Yes Gina , who are fugitives seeking freedom while being persecuted by Romeo , your pimp from ‘ The Brides Club. ‘ and his assistants, Moïse Oui Christian .

‘Red Sky’ will hit Netflix screens next March 19th.

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