In the 1990s, the Japanese animated series celebrated Sailor Moon After the manga series of the same name by Naoko Takeuchi, it was very successful on television and quickly became a cult series here in the West. There are now a plethora of movies, video games, and a remake called “Sailor Moon Crystal”.

The plot should be well known: schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino is given magical powers and fights as Sailor Moon with her friends as a sea warrior against evil. Her talking cat Luna, who supports the warriors, should not be missed. As protectors of the planets of the universe, they experience many adventures in the anime.

The animated series, for example, has around 200 episodes in 5 seasons, which also aired on German television between 1992 and 1997. The cult series was replaced by the remake “Sailor Moon Crystal” produced in 2014 for the 20th anniversary. from the “Sailor Moon” franchise. The new edition only lasted until 2016 with three seasons and a total of 39 episodes. But the franchise continues and has now received a new movie that will now premiere on Netflix.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal on Netflix

The film “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” is planned as a two-part series and premiered in Japan in January 2021. Netflix was able to secure the rights and is now presenting the new film “Sailor Moon” as a double feature film with German synchronization .

The plot of “Sailor Moon Eternal” follows the third season of the new series “Sailor Moon Crystal”. That’s all about that Dead Moon Party (also known as the Dream Party) manga. The story should be familiar to fans of the classic anime series and manga: it’s about Chibiusa, her connection to the mysterious Pegasus named Helios, and the Sailor Warriors’ battle with the dead moon queen, Nehelenia.

The official story reads: “After a solar eclipse, the earth is ruled by a dark force. Suddenly a dark circus troupe appears, Mamoru is stricken with a mysterious illness, and terrible things are happening all over town. Under the care of the Outer Sailor Warriors, Hotaru begins to age rapidly. The Sailor Warriors must reunite and bring light back to the world! “

“Sailor Moon Eternal” is a co-production of animation studios Toei Animation (“Sailor Moon”) and DEEN (“Ranma ½”). Chiaki Kon is directing the film. The screenplay was written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (“Bleach”). In addition, Naoko Takeuchi, creator of “Sailor Moon”, supports the project as supervisor.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie will be available exclusively on Netflix from June 3. The “Sailor Moon Crystal” and “Sailor Moon Crystal” series are unfortunately not yet available on the streaming service.

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