Naughty Dog

The Evil Dog , developer of “The Last of Us” and ”  Unexplored ” According to reports, hiring developers to design a multiplayer game .

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A new job listing on The Wicked Dog’s site includes a vacancy for the role of Business Designer (Multiplayer). Job responsibilities include “Extensive collaboration with the Live Ops team to optimize economy and meet player needs. “

Requirements include “Understanding of narrative tone” and “strong knowledge of multiplayer action game”, suggesting that the game would take place in the action genre with a strong emphasis on storytelling.

It is currently unclear whether the multiplayer game is the “Factions” spin-off for “The Last Of Us Part II” . “Factions” , came out with the first game.

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It was originally slated to launch with Part II , but was deleted because “Has gone beyond an additional mode that could be included in our extensive single-player campaign. ”

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