39-year-old handsome actor Jamie Dornan came out with his wife for the first time in a long time. The couple appeared together at the premiere of the film “Belfast” in Northern Ireland.

The English actress, singer and composer married the Fifty Shades of Gray star in 2012. The lovers have three children: seven-year-old Dalsi, five-year-old Elva and two-year-old Alberta. At the same time, the spouses prefer to spend time with their families and hardly appear in the world. True, for this secular exit, the spouses made an exception and appeared on the red carpet together.

A mother of many children appeared in a surprisingly beautiful combination of a blouse and a skirt. The outfit emphasized the chiseled figure of the celebrity. Few could say that Amelia was pregnant several times.

On foreign portals, they were quick to note – now they understand why Dornan chose her.

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