The NTV channel in the latest edition of the program “New Russian Sensations” prepared the air ” Oreiro Natasha is now ours!” “The channel’s journalists managed to meet with the actress and talk about her plans and feelings about obtaining Russian citizenship.

During the conversation, they showed some representatives of the domestic show business, among whom were the self-proclaimed singer Olga Buzova, the wide-profile artist Anastasia Volochkova, the shocking Nikita Dzhigurda and, of course, the pop king Philip Kirkorov. Oreiro recognized the last one. As it turned out, they performed together at one of the festivals in Sochi.

When asked which of the stars she would like to sing with, Oreiro replied:
“I liked everything, I would like to … Since now we women need to unite and show solidarity, I would really like to sing with Anastasia or Olga,” she smiled.

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