The news of the divorce of Despina Vandi and Demis Nikolaidis after 18 years of common path and the acquisition of two children came and shook the waters of the domestic shobiz, and not only. People are still unable to digest the fact that the beloved couple for many years is no longer together, with the result that divorce has become a trend on many social media, much more on Twitter. Natalia Germanou responded in her own way to the thousands of comments and reactions of the people.

Specifically, through a post on her personal twitter account, she urged everyone to lower their tones because “life goes on”, while through examples of other much-praised divorces in Greek showbiz, she wanted to communicate the message that these things happen in life. He wrote: “ Despina and Demis, Eleni and Giannis, Faye and George, Sissy and Theodoris. Like millions of others, they fell in love, fell in love, got married, something went wrong, they divorced. Life goes on. Both theirs and ours. “

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