Prince William also had a special name during his university years.

Today, Kate Middleton bears the honorary title of Duchess of Cambridge, and as a child she had a much less prestigious nickname.

Together with her sister Pippa, little Kate studied at St Andrews School, Pangbourne from 1986 to 1995. It was there that the future wife of Prince William was given the nickname Squeak, writes Mirror . But Kate did not offend such a nickname, she even decided to call one of her guinea pigs that way.

“There was one [guinea pig] named Pip, and the other was Squeak, because my sister’s name is Pippa and I’m Squeak,” Middleton admitted.

The Duke of Cambridge cannot boast of such a charming nickname as his wife, but university friends preferred to call him more than just his first name.

While studying at the University of St Andrews, the prince was called Steve despite the fact that he applied under the name William Wales. It is believed that the Duke of Cambridge himself asked his friends to call him Steve in order to avoid unnecessary attention.

Over the years, Kate and William have come up with a nickname for their eldest son. They started calling him PG, short for Prince George.

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