Nadia Boule was invited via skype to “Better Is Not Done” and talked so much about her pregnancy, while she also gave the best spoiler for “Ageliki”.

Initially, she revealed that she is entering the eighth month in a few days and added: “For the month I am going through, I am very well in my body. During the shooting, until the 6th month, nothing was visible and I had not told anyone. I had to do “I was back for a week and when I came back my belly was very swollen and I could not hide it. I just went sweet and announced it. Filareti asked me if I had put anything extra”.

And he went on to say: “My body changed very abruptly. It came at a very good time but not in an organized way. My psychology is such that it can support it with joy and gratitude.”

Finally, she made some revelations about the role of Jenny and the developments in “Angeliki.

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