There is again unrest at Mouscron, that the players’ wages from March have not yet been paid. The club promises that those wages will be paid on Friday, but it remains to be seen whether that will actually happen.

During the past five years, Mouscron only obtained his license before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (BAS). Even now Mouscron does not receive a provisional license from the license commission, because the club cannot prove that it is solvent. For example, owner Gérard Lopez paid the player’s wages from February much too late. Lopez previously sold the French Lille and with his company Jogo Bonito does not seem to be a guarantee of financial continuity. Mouscron has now announced in a communiqué that “the main shareholder insists on confirming his intentions to fulfill his commitments to the club”, but in the meantime wages for the month of March have not yet been paid.

Within Excelsior Mouscron we are told that this is not abnormal, because it is standard stipulated in the player contracts that wages must be paid within the first ten working days of the month. In other words, just because wages were previously paid on the first day of the month, does not always have to be the case. Within the club we are assured that wages will be paid on Friday – and therefore within the mandatory period. Within the players group, in full relegation battle, there is unrest in connection with those wages. Mouscron is currently penultimate and still has sports matches against Antwerp and Club Brugge to avoid a jump-off with the second of 1B. It does not seem to be able to afford to live with a restless group of players for those matches.

Only on April 14, Mouscron will receive a decision from the license commission, but the club is seriously aware that they will have to appeal to the BAS again. If it turns out that Gérard Lopez cannot guarantee solvency, the club needs a new owner to avoid relegation to amateur football. Rumors are circulating around the club that investment talks would be underway with Arsenal, but we have not been confirmed for the time being. (RN / ESK)

Nuno Da Costa.
Nuno Da Costa. © Photo News

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