What’s going on with Toby Alderweireld at Tottenham? The Red Devil was not in the selection of José Mourinho for the second time in a row this afternoon. “Back from the national team too late”, was the bizarre excuse of the Portuguese coach.

It was a search for Toby Alderweireld on the Tottenham competition magazine this afternoon. Our fellow countryman did not even make it to the bank. A choice that raised some eyebrows. Other big names such as Doherty, Bergwijn and Aurier were also missing. After the match in Newcastle, José Mourinho was asked about their absence. And his reply was bizarre, to say the least. “They were fit, but I didn’t select them because they only joined training yesterday. They did not get tested for Covid in time after going to their national teams. That’s why they were only there yesterday. ” To which Mourinho decided very cynically. “But were we a perfect defensive team with them, or did we also lose matches?”

A strange explanation, especially since Alderweireld’s last match with the Red Devils was already on Tuesday, March 30. In addition, it is the second consecutive time that he has been left out of Mourinho’s selection. It raises a very important question: does Alderweireld’s future still lie with Tottenham?

Without the Red Devil in the back  , Tottenham could not win in Newcastle . After defensive tampering in the back it threw a lead and lost expensive points in the battle for European football.

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