1 – 0 for Nicole Young (51), Dr. Dre (56). She has obtained from the court in Los Angeles that three mistresses must testify to her ex-husband in their divorce case. Something the producer was really against. That writes Page Six. 

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young have been in a bitter divorce for months. At stake in that case is the fortune of about 800 million dollars (673 million euros) that Dre managed to gather during his career. The question is whether Nicole is entitled to part of that money. The two would have signed a prenup at their wedding, but according to Nicole, her husband tore it up out of love for her. 

To get a clearer picture of the case, the Los Angeles judge has now allowed three of Dre’s mistresses – Jillian Speer, Kili Anderson and Crystal Rogers – to testify in court. The three women and Dre were very much against that. “None of them have information relevant to the enforceability of the prenup,” their lawyer said. But the judge thought otherwise. “Each of them may have information relevant when it comes to temporary compensation and support, and the validity and enforceability of the alleged prenup.” 

In addition, the court ruled that Dre and the women have to pay nearly $ 10,000 (EUR 8,410) because they “resisted the request to testify without justification.” Until the divorce is finalized, Dre has to pay his ex every month 2 million dollars (1.7 million euros). 

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