Metro Exodus releases for PlayStation 5 tomorrow (that’s June 18 if you’re reading this at a later date), and it’s a free upgrade if you already own the game on PS4. Previously, developer 4A Games had promised all kinds of technical upgrades on Sony’s next-gen console , with 4K and 60fps support, as well as ray tracing, being the highlights – and it’s always ready to hold it all.

But today the studio saw fit to detail the game’s DualSense functionality – and it sounds good. For starters, each individual weapon will have its own haptic feedback, and that feedback will change in subtle ways depending on how you customize your guns.

4A Games gives a few examples on the PlayStation blog: “Some of Metro’s iconic weapons are the handcrafted pneumatic Tikhar and the spring-loaded Helsing, and we have found the perfect use of the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers to simulate the increase. of pressure or resistance when priming / loading these unique guns. Maintaining high air pressure in the tank is essential to preserve the lethality of the Tikhar, and this must be completed manually by pumping the right trigger; as the pressure increases, the resistance on the trigger also increases. action so that players can feel when maximum pressure has been reached. “

He continues, “We also use adaptive triggers to mimic resistance when rowing, operating certain machines, or driving Metro’s all-terrain vehicle acquired in the Caspian Desert. Of course, for Metro Exodus we have adapted this new feature to our existing design, but as creatives we are excited to explore new game mechanics that can be improved with the DualSense controller in mind early on for better. achieve our goal of full player immersion. “

Again, it looks like the developer has gone the extra mile here, and we can’t wait to, uh, feel the finished product. Will you be playing Metro Exodus on PS5? Don’t forget to reload in the comments section below.

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