September 25, 2021

Met Gala 2021 | Gen Z took over the red carpet – The appearances of the new stars discussed

The Met Gala, the event that celebrates the union of art and fashion, took place on September 13, instead of the first Monday in May, which is its established date. After its cancellation last year due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and the transfer of its date, our anxiety and impatience were great.

We did not see the moment when the lights of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York would light up again and the red carpet would be laid on its emblematic steps, for the biggest names of the American shobiz, the film and fashion industries to walk on them wearing eccentrically outfits “signed” by big houses and designers. The “Oscars of Fashion”, as the Met Gala is mentioned, is clearly the most important night for the fashion industry and every year we look forward to its annual theme and its performance by the designers and their muse .

It was certainly not an easy decision for the event committee and the people in charge to invite social media people to the most exclusive event of the year. For years the list was quite limited and among the names of the guests were those of celebrities from the field of arts and business but also the stars of the big screen and the fashion industry. Now, in order for the event to continue to have the impact it had all these years, but also to be up-to-date, accessible and relevant to the new audience, it had to make the move “matte” and add the social media celebrities. . This move has been commented on a lot but it makes sense.

YouTube, Influencers and Tik Tokers with millions of followers were present on the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala. Singers and athletes also attended. They all belong to the Z generation and their followers screamed with excitement when they arrived. All eyes on the planet were there. The aforementioned may belong to the Z generation, be young and have emerged quite through the power and “light” of social media, however, they have managed to evolve and create a “name” in other industries.