The first trailer for the new drama produced by Clint Eastwood “Men’s Tears” has appeared on the Web. For the famous actor, age is not a hindrance, he produces, directs and at the same time plays the main role.

The action takes place in the mid-70s. The boss confronts the old cowboy with a choice: either get fired, or the hero must help his son get from Mexico to Texas. During the journey, fate will more than once test the stamina and courage of the protagonist.

On the Warner Bros. YouTube channel Pictures, a trailer for the movie is available, and the premiere will take place on HBO Max on September 17th. The picture will be a screen version of the novel by Richard Nash. In addition to Eastwood, Ana Rae (Californication, Clinic), Dwight Yoakam (Goliath), Goracio Garcia Rojas, Fernanda Urrejola (known from the TV series Narco: Mexico) and others took part in the filming.

The actor’s transition from the roles of a sharp shooter in the classic “spaghetti westerns” of the 70s to the production of more modern cinema did not appeal to all critics, but the audience will undoubtedly want to appreciate the new creation of “the fastest hand in the Wild West.”

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