Mel Gibson is a time-honored action figure with hits like Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Vengeance, and BraveHeart . His influence in the industry is notorious, especially in the 80s and 90s. It is therefore not surprising that one of the greatest directors wanted him for an ambitious project that would tell the story of the war between the humans and machines: Terminator (1984). James Cameron offered Gibson the role of Future Assassin. What was your response?

The Actor Came to Play Mad Max In fact, Cameron confessed that at one point this movie served as the inspiration for the doomsday future featured in Terminator . Gibson’s cold interpretation in this tape surely moved Cameron, who wanted to have him in his project as the unstoppable T-800 who would ultimately play Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mel Gibson said ‘no’ to Terminator

What is certain is that Mel Gibson He understood from the first moment that this role was not the one for him. Not only that, after seeing the movie come out, he didn’t hesitate to say that from the start he was right. Reality indicates that Schwarzenegger played a phenomenal role as the T-800 and the band that was supposed to be a solo entry turned into a very healthy franchise that continued to release films until recently.

Mel Gibson and a successful career (photo Getty)

James Cameron surely had a high opinion of Mel Gibson . The reasons? When he had to find another actor for the role of the villain, precisely Schwarzenegger , the interpreter asked him for the role of the hero, Kyle Reese . Then Cameron confessed that the movie “It’s about the bad guy. “ The director wanted that Gibson is its leader.

Would the Lethal Weapon actor have been a good Terminator ? Physically, it’s not as imposing as Schwarzenegger , but that doesn’t necessarily tip the scales in the negative. Robert Patrick is also not a bodybuilder and brought to life a menacing T-1000 in the second installment of the franchise. Assurance Mel Gibson he would have brought his intensity to the role. Although he does not agree.

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