In the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, they are trying to return the main star – the legendary Johnny Depp.

The situation is complicated by the recent statement of the actor: during the trial with Amber Heard, he said that he would not play Jack Sparrow for any money. But, according to the media, the Disney studio does not intend to give up. Depp can offer a record fee for the film industry. The amount of 301 million dollars is called.

So far, the actor and the studio have not commented on the possibility of continuing cooperation. Film critics are inclined to believe that Johnny Depp will still appear in the sixth part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the series about the young Jack Sparrow. It is reported by The Economic Times .

After the media started discussing this news, Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that the collaboration with Depp would continue, but it was not about playing the role of Jack Sparrow. This was reported by E! News with a link to The Sunday Times.

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