The Mary Synatsaki always placed on social issues presented in the news . This morning, through her Instagram stories, she made a public outburst about the developments in the case of the murder of 26-year-old Garyfallia in Folegandros.

Characteristically, he said: “Good morning guys, now I’ll take a look at you. It ‘s morning and I was in a completely different mood when I woke up and a completely different plan for what I would post. , the new homicide, another that took place in Folegandros with this 26-year-old girl.[…] When we mention patriarchy, I feel that many men can get angry and take a defensive stance and position towards the part of patriarchy that I understand, but the lack of patriarchy is necessary for men as well. I can not now analyze in stories what exactly patriarchy means but anyway as a framework, social context patriarchy, nor does it allow men to be the best and most honest version of themselves. Patriarchy often forces them to prove how tough they are and how much power they have. This too often does not allow them to come into honest contact with their emotion. A vicious circle that makes men unable to talk about, say, mental health issues or makes them more irritable because they can not communicate emotion or because they live in a society that does not allow them to be emotional and vulnerable as often would like. That is why they need it, they will be more liberating. So when we talk about the fight against patriarchy we are not talking about beating men and reducing them and that only women are Amazons in life and men are locked in some rooms.Manades and fathers should not have internalized half-heartedness and raise their boys allowing them to cry, to fail, not to associate their value with how socially successful they are, how good they are financially, such things that patriarchy imposed on men. It all has to do with power and anger. Power has been deified in society and anger is never taught to us how to manage it. It should be a lesson in school along with empathy. That’s all. I’m out, I do not know what to say. “

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