Marvel Studios has released a new trailer for Eternals, the next movie hitting theaters later this year, along with a new poster for the movie. Wonder Eternal occurs after Avengers: End of the game , but he is a superhero team older than the Avengers.

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The film revolves around a tragic event that brings the Eternals out of the shadows and puts their general conflict with the Deviants before the public eye.

Jack Kirby , the legendary writer / artist who co-created many of Marvel’s most popular characters, created The Eternals when he returned to Marvel in the 1970s. His story continues in the Marvel Universe today. hui.

The director winner Oscar , Chloe Zhao , directs Eternals and also wrote the screenplay. This comes from the success of his Oscar-winning film Nomadland .

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“I think Marvel was so amazing, that Kevin and Nate and the whole crew, they knew from the moment I pulled the tape out, I really wanted to have the scope and the scale, and at the same time, privacy, ”he said Margaret. Gardiner on YouTube

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