The Marvel Cinematic Universe has the ability to enhance the careers of its members. Robert Downey Jr. relaunched his after Hombre de Hierro in 2008 and the little known Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston they achieved fame through MCU . Another more recent example is that of actress WandaVision , Catherine Hahn, who lent his body to Agatha Harkness and conquered fans of the brand and Disney + .

In this context, wonderfully presented the series of Loki featuring aforementioned Hiddleston as the God of deception Yes Owen Wilson as he ‘s Mobius agent; but it is another character which holds the attention of the public: Sylvie , the female variant of Loki , interpreted by Sophie de Martino .

Sophia Di Martino is rising in popularity

Has the actress gone from supporting roles like in Yesterday to being chosen for the villain? Sylvie which turned out to be mysterious in her motives for attacking the TVA and generating chaos in the natural chronology of the universe. Di Martino gave a solid performance as a character who even seemed to fall in love with Loki . What narcissism that of the Asgardian! Fall in love with your female version …

The performer’s popularity is skyrocketing and currently tops IMDb’s all-star list, known as STARmeter . How does the ranking work? Actors move up positions based on the number of times the audience has searched for them on the platform.

The list has over 6 million names and Sophia is number one , relegating the protagonist of the Disney + series to fourth place. It should be noted that the program has a significant number of followers; other protagonists are also classified: Owen Wilson in 50th place and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in 11th place .

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