The allegations of sexual, physical and emotional abuse have all been lied. That says a lawyer of the 52-year-old singer. In court documents, Esmé Bianco tells how Marilyn Manson had her flown to Hollywood in 2011, on the pretext of starring in a music video. Only on arrival it turned out that none of that was true. Manson took the actress home. There he then forced her to take alcohol and drugs and to have sex with another woman. The actress tells in the documents that he also beat her and even electrocuted her during that period.

Not the only one

“To be clear, this lawsuit comes after my client refused to pay Esmé Bianco and her lawyer. They were asking a ridiculous amount of money based on facts that simply never happened, ”Howard E. King, Manson’s attorney, said in a statement. “We will raise these charges in court and we are confident that we will be the winner.”

Esmé Bianco is not the only actress who still has a piece of cake with the singer. Actress Evan Rachel Wood also accused Manson of physical and sexual abuse a few months ago. As a result, his music label dropped him like a rocket, but even then Marilyn claimed he was innocent. “I have never done anything without permission,” he wrote in a statement on Instagram at the time.

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