Swimwear are the protagonists of the summer wardrobe and no matter how many times we say it again, it will not be enough. All year round, after all, we dream of the moment when we will spill on the beaches, travel to picturesque seaside areas and relax enjoying the warm sun wearing our favorite swimsuit. Of course, these summer pieces are very similar to our wardrobe shoes and bags: They are never enough. That is why every year we look for a new design that will completely renew our beach looks and will make us feel more confident. Our search, then, starts from social media with internet personalities, who love fashion, to offer us countless ideas and suggestions. Among them, Marietta Chrousala stands out,

She delivers style and elegance lessons on her personal Instagram account, as she is very active and publishes her favorite looks. As for her swimsuits, Marietta Chroussala prefers full body with prints and eccentric details, such as inventive cuts and bold prints. Of course, from her posts we understand that she can not resist the bikini. Chooses bright shades, while not missing from the collection and cute designs. In any case, these swimsuits are ideal choices for your next appearances on the beach and we present them to you below.

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