It is known that often the roles of the bad ones arouse passions and passions in the television audience and one of the most characteristic examples, lately, is the role of “Virtue” in ” Coffee of Joy “.

The young actress, Marialena Rozaki was at The 2Night Show on Wednesday night and talked about everything to Grigoris Arnaoutoglou, including the threats she received when she started playing in the sequel of the ANT1 TV series.

Having decided to deal with acting influenced by her mother, the famous actress Iliad Lampridou , Marialena Rozaki also referred to the reactions caused by her entrance to “Kafe tis Haras”, which, as she confessed, came at a bad time. of her life.

” The” Coffee of Joy “found me at a time in my life quite difficult, after the loss of my father and my own difficulties . Somehow life when it brings something difficult, I think that then it pays off. At that time I went through some great difficulties, but in the end I took some dynamic steps, I did not “give up”, I fought … […] At the beginning I received quite aggressive and threatening messages, but slowly maybe with the opportunity given to me through the interviews and role course, this does not happen, just maybe if someone meets me they can ask me why they have made me do evil “he said among other things.

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