Maria Nafpliotou is one of the most beautiful women in Greek theater, from top to toenails, as she is not only endowed with charming facial features, but also with a fit, shapely body. That is why in the new post she made, from a swim in Astypalea, we find it difficult to decide what is more impressive: the abdomen of the 51-year-old actress, her bikini with the wonderful print (or the crystal clear waters of the island).

However, with her experience, as described in the caption of her new post, we will identify those who dared to dive in the icy waters in the early hot days of 2021: “Phase 1: Is the water cold?” Phase 2: Ooooooo much !!! “Phase 3: Finally you enter and you do not want to leave … from the crystal clear waters of Astypalea”.

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