In mid-February, Robert Maraj, the father of Nicki Minaj (38), died in a car accident at the age of 64. The driver of the car left the singer’s father alone. In the meantime, the identity of his driver is known and he is also faced with severe punishment.

After the accident, Maraj was taken to a hospital, but all help came too late for the man. Then he died a day later from his injuries. Afterwards, the police searched for witnesses to the accident and in the meantime they have caught the perpetrator. For example, 70-year-old Charles Polevich is responsible for the accident.

Substantial compensation

Polevich still claims that he got out of the car to ask if everything was okay with the singer’s father. Afterwards he would have left without offering any kind of help or notifying the emergency services. As a result, Robert Maraj’s driver is now being charged on two different levels. For example, he left the scene of an accident resulting in death. In addition, he is said to have tampered with physical evidence.

Carol Maraj, the husband’s widow and Nicki’s mother, also wants the man to be punished. She has already charged the man for 150 million dollars (about 125 million euros).

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