For a few years now, the career of Johnny Depp has been eclipsed by the various conflicts around his private life, especially after his divorce from the actress Amber Heard . In the last few hours, the actor made headlines again because an intruder entered his home, had a drink and, as if that wasn’t enough, took a bath.

The house is located in the exclusive Hollywood Hills neighborhood . The fact was alerted by a neighbor of the American interpreter who saw the person enter the mansion. A few minutes later, they revealed that the man was in the shower and had drunk a cocktail of alcoholic drinks that the actor owns in an area set up as a bar.

Finally, the officers arrested him for vandalism .

As reported by the website of news s TMZ , it was not possible to determine if Johnny Depp was inside the building.

However, this is not the first time that such a situation has occurred. In fact, just a few weeks ago, a woman also entered the actor’s house and attempted to take valuables, but officers managed to stop her before she escaped. .

On the other hand, regarding the legal battle he has with his exposa Amber Heard , this weekend a new message that Depp allegedly wrote in 2016 against the protagonist of Aquaman .

“Thanks she’s gone.” I’m tired of thinking about how hard I tried to make it work. Now, honestly, I wouldn’t touch her. What filth. I hate her! “ He argued at the time.

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