The series “The Witcher” will soon find a continuation, but for now the creators are teasing fans with fresh teasers. The poster simply signed: “Made for murder. Designed for protection. The Witcher season 2 debuts December 17 on Netflix.

And the last shot showed Geralt with Ciri on the Roach in the snowy part of the world.

Recall that the first season ends with Geralt confident of the death of Yennefer in the Battle of Sodden and taking Ciri to Kaer Morhen. This fortress for the witcher is the safest place he knows. There he grew up and studied at the Wolf School.

According to early details disclosure, in the sequel, Dandelion becomes a real rock performer, with Lambert teaching Ciri. Apparently, Geralt decided not only to protect Ciri, but also to teach her to defend herself. And who in this matter can be better than witchers? Unless they cope with people much worse than with monsters.

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