EA Sports is regularly criticized – and rightly so – but Madden NFL 22’s rebuilt Franchise Mode is shaping up to be something special. The publisher has announced a pledge to their most popular single-player mode ahead of Madden NFL 21’s release, and in fairness to the company, it looks like it’s being delivered. The game this year promises to be the best for a long time.

The embedded video above delves into the most granular details, but to recap, you can expect people management (with RPG-like skill trees), dramatically improved weekly strategies, and unique storylines that will emerge in the game. part of your personal game. Even more exciting, the publisher now has a team dedicated to “live” Franchise mode updates, with a brand new scouting system slated to be integrated in September and much more.

Frankly, it looks fantastic. You can tap into more detailed information about your opponents, make adjustments to your halftime game plan, and more. This is all in addition to the new Game Day system on next-gen consoles , which is designed to more accurately replicate the flow of real matches and home court advantage. Hats off to the EA team, it’s exciting.

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