There are quite a few notable things about Machine Gun Kelly: he had a huge breakup with Eminem, is dating Megan Fox, and has tattoos all over his body.

The latest addition to her skin ink collection, however, has caused quite a bit of shit. Check it out here:

As you can see, it looks like a vertical cut in his larynx; but a lot of people weren’t particularly impressed with the rapper’s jaw-dropping new look.

Commenting on her Instagram post , one person said, “My cat could have done it for free. “

Another added: “It looks stupid as hell. “

A third commented: “What is the significance of this? “

Pour l’équilibre, plus de 1,1 million de personnes ont aimé son message affichant le nouveau tatouage, prouvant que vous ne pouvez tout simplement pas les plaire à tous.

Usually, if a companion told you that they had their other half’s name tattooed on their chest, the alarm bells would probably ring. But Travis’ skin is inked so well that it looks a little less serious.

However, nothing takes it away, it’s a classic romantic gesture.

You might not have known the couple were even together. Indeed, you might not think that the rocker and the socialite would make the most obvious pairing in the world, but it looks like they’re being wooed.

To use a sickening enough term, Kourtney made their relationship “Instagram official” shortly after Valentine’s Day, when she posted a photo of them holding hands. Since then, their accounts have been teeming with beloved content.

Travis Barker.  Credit: PA
Travis Barker. Credit: PA

A note written by Kourtney, 42, shared by Travis, 45, on her Instagram Story read, “For a lot of fun adventures, may we destroy ourselves completely. Love, Kourtney. “

Whatever you think of MGK’s neck tattoo and Travis’ ‘Kourtney’ tattoo, rest assured they won’t give a lonely shit.

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