The rapper and alternative punk rocker Machine Gun Kelly has anticipated the launch of a new musical theme tomorrow (April 27), presenting through his social networks a taste for all his followers.

This song will be his most recent release since “Daywalker,” a collaboration with CORPSE last March, being the artist’s first single since the release of “Tickets To My Downfall,” his fifth studio album, in September 2020. even that attracted great success among punk rock fans.

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Everything seems to indicate that this new song will be titled “Enjoy Where You Are Right Now”, a phrase which is featured on a pink wall behind Richasrd Colson Baker (real name of the artist) in a new video / poster which has been shared on social media today (April 27).

“New song tomorrow,” the Ohio rapper announced on his Instagram account . MGK presents itself with a fruity drink before relaxing in a circular space. The new teaser features a rhythm similar to the work of their previous album, with a guitar tune.

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Machine Gun Kelly has noted in recent interviews that he is firm in his intention to “break the mold” with the release of every new material and “annoy people along the way” in the process, saying Kanye West and Prince are his two biggest. inspirations and who aspires to leave a legacy similar to theirs.

Following the release of “Tickets To My Downfall”, Machine Gunn Kelly is preparing for a tour of the United States to promote said material, with dates confirmed in September and October 2021.

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