CAUTION, SPOILER ALERT. After God (Dennis Haysbert) interrupts the fight of his sons at the end of the first part of the fifth season of “ Lucifer ”, Decides to organize a dinner to end the conflicts of Amenadiel, Michael and his twin, but only makes it worse. Although Michael is banned, he assures Maze that he can still give him the soul he longs for and that his intervention is not over.

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The Netflix series musical episode , starring Tom Ellis, happens because God loses control of his powers and makes people dance and sing while trying to be close to his son Lucifer. The police cases he has to solve help the King of the Underworld understand that he must work out issues with his father if he is to move forward.

To stay close to his son without losing control, God hides his powers from Charlie and becomes human. But when he collects them, he announces that the time has come to retire. Meanwhile, Linda helps prove her daughter is innocent, Maze meets Eva, and Amenadiel considers a new possibility.

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Towards the end of the fifth Lucifer season he prepares for his future role as his father’s successor, but finds that not all of his siblings want him to get their big promotion. When God leaves without naming a successor, they discover that Michael seeks the support of others to keep all power and obtains Azrael’s dagger.

Although Dan is murdered in the middle of the affair, Michael’s return suggests that this is all part of a plan by Lucifer’s twin brother to stay on the throne. For now, he’s assembling the Blazing Sword and eagerly awaiting the vote.

Lucifer pretends to be his twin with a little makeup on, but it’s not enough to defeat the demon, so they have to find a better strategy to stop Michael from becoming God.

Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, and Amenadiel prepare for battle against Miguel and his venerable little army of supporters. After the vote, Michael is called God, but nothing happens. At this point, Maze appears with reinforcements armed with bullets made from the molten demonic sword.

To avoid the death of more angels, only Lucifer and Michael face it. The battle seems to end when Chloe intervenes and steals the sword, but the “evil twin” stabs the detective.

Chloe’s death prompts Lucifer to try to go to Heaven, despite the fact that it means its end, and Maze begins the great fight of angels against demons. When Lucifer finds the detective, he gives him the ring and before turning to ashes, he tells her that he loves her.

Chloe returns to Earth and attacks Michael. Before he can assassinate him, Lucifer appears, takes the flaming sword, but instead of killing his brother, he simply cuts off his wings and gives him another chance. Eventually, Lucifer becomes god.


So how did Lucifer come back? What will happen now that he is God? How will this affect your relationship with Chloe? Will Michael stay really cool? What will happen to Maze and Eva? Will Amenadiel’s baby turn into an angel?

Regarding a seventh season, Henderson and Modrovich explained that the sixth installment is definitely their “final story.” This is the story we were always going to tell, but written much bigger and for me [ahora] Much more interesting than it breaks my heart to think that we weren’t going to do it [originally] like that ”, a Henderson told ET.

Modrovich added that “a giant story” will unfold in season six “that just needed to be told. When we return to the (writers’) room, we begin to see the fact that we are a series of cops and how we have or have not contributed to the systemic problems of the police service. ” 

“Six seasons of the show is a real accomplishment,” said Ellis. “It was a great emotional journey and I don’t think I want to do more. I know I don’t want to do more. Mainly because I want to know that we are finishing and because I had a great time. I think it makes sense that we have a decent ending for the series ”.

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